Self Adhesive Films | "Stick-on" quality

We print and finish a wide range of self adhesive films. Finishing includes special mounting, laminating, CAD cutting, contour cutting, die-cutting, doming. Materials handled include:

  • White and clear Monomeric Film - everyday signage use, short term promotion, temporary cladding, vehicle magnets
  • White Polymeric film - medium term vehicle signage, general signage, label, decals
  • White Cast film - Long term signage and vehicle signage use, decals,label, speciality wrap items.
  • Wall covering - For smooth and rough raw bricks. We have the solution to your problem
  • Tar/Asphalt - Short term branding, race events, TV and high promotional consideration
  • Perforated film - Commonly referred to the brand-name of ContraVision, this film is used as retail windows, vehicle windows
  • Special Effects Film - We process and print a range of specialty textured and coloured film for promotional and branding usage
  • Reflective - Street signage, complex marking and indicators, speciality promotional consideration
  • Luminescent (Glo-in-the-dark) - Promotional and branding event
  • Fluorescent - 1 to 2 summer short term film to add some retro pop to any event.
  • Floor Laminates - Short term hi impact floor branding

Our presses and the hardware and software that drive them are routinely colour calibrated to ensure that correct colour output is always on par. Untiled self adhesive film vary in width, with some as wide as 2000mm. Many adhesive strengths are available too, from low-tack to security adhesive that are almost impossible to remove!

Prints are carefully checked by eye after numerous technical points of reference are passed while printing to ensure total satisfaction. Call us today to discuss your particular vinyl graphic need.

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