Signage | General Signage.

While every project is undertaken on a client-by-client basis, there are a range of products and services that fall into a "general" category, simply due to the volume of items we produce of it per month. However, this certainly does not mean that your request for one of these items will receive any less attention to detail. The design is customised around your particular goals and requirements.

We’ve successfully completed an unmentionable amount of small, personal jobs for customers over the last 13 years, all while tackling the largest of company rebranding & signage projects for well known clients like Pick n Pay, Volvo, PEP, Bid Air Cargo, Swiss Cargo, Telkom, Lufthansa Airlines, Remax, Slo-Jo, Honda East Rand and many, many more. Our skill-sets are diverse and well honed, and where we find ourselves a little bit in the deep-end we’ll be humble enough to call in some experts.

We have a impressive equipment list including sign film CAD cutters, nearly half a dozen digital wide format printers, embroidery, pad printing and heat-press equipment, cold film laminators, rigging and scaffolding hardware, state of the art Mac workstations with colour Wacom Cintiq tablets, colour calibration tools, small format digital printers, a fully equipped workshop, delivery and rigging vehicles and just about everything else we need to ensure we deliver only the best, for the best.

We’re masters of the mundane, and freakin’ geniuses when it come to the extraordinarily cool. So regardless of the complexity or size of your signage project, give us a ring. We’ll be sure to try and impress all the way.

Standard Sign Solutions | Ad-hoc, reworked to bespoke.

  • Chromodek Signs
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Banners
  • Light Boxes

Chromodek sign boards come in 3 different stock sizes and can be ordered with or without a steel backing frame and legs for rigging it as a freestanding sign. The sizes are:

  • 1850mm x 1225mm
  • 2450mm x 1225mm
  • 3000mm x 1225mm

  • Chromodek Signboard, wall blind-mounted.

    Magnetic signs are most often utilised as a short term advertising tool, or where permanent branding is not required. Our vehicle magnetic signs come with a FREE protective gloss or matt film laminate to protect the image against scuffing, washing, polishing and pollution. The standard size magnets available are:

  • 500mm x 300mm
  • 250mm x 600mm
  • 600mm x 500mm
  • 50mm x 90mm - commonly used for fridge-magnet promotional items

  • You are welcome to order a custom size if the above sizes don't suit your needs. NB. Material width is limited to 610mm by any length. Larger sizes will have to be tiled.

    Vehicle magnets. Stick-on quality.


    Strictly speaking banners don't come in a set sheet/form size. We carry a wide range of standard widths of PVC and have shortlisted some of the more commonly requested sizes.

  • 1000mm x 500mm
  • 1350mm x 2000mm
  • 1580mm x 2000mm
  • 1580mm x 3000mm
  • 1580mm x 4000mm
  • 2000mm x 3000mm
  • 2000mm x 4000mm
  • 2000mm x 6000mm
  • 2500mm x 4000mm
  • 2500mm x 6000mm
  • 2500mm x 8000mm
  • 2500mm x 8000mm

  • Again, any size you require can be manufactured. For a more comprehensive list of banner sizes and their prices visit our product specialist site Or simply email us your required size, quantity and usage and we'll quote you promptly.

    Coming Soon Banner being fitted for PnP Brentwood.


    Once more, there is no standard box size, but we have found customers requesting a couple of sizes more frequently than others. The standard configuration of our light boxes are: 150mm deep, fluorescent lighting, removable perspex face with special high density print, supplied with fireman's switch. Our price of installation will include the fitting of the lightbox, switch and testing but does not include connecting it up to your electrical grid. We can include a third-party qualified electrician or you are welcome to contract in your own service provider.

  • 2000mm x 1000mm
  • 2500mm x 1000mm
  • 3000mm x 1000mm
  • 3000mm x 1350mm
  • Nearly any size and shape you require can be manufactured. Boxes can be fitted with traditional lighting or long lasting, low power consumption LEDs. Faces can be rigid or flexfaces. Kindly contact us to further discuss your specific need.

    Lightboxes done in full colour or spot-colour.

    Custom Made = Better Results.

    Our speciality and passion lies in custom designing and manufacturing one-off and unique signs just for you! While the benefits of choosing a standard sign solution is obvious, you can't discount the clear lead a custom manufactured sign or display can offer you. Stand apart from your competition, display your brand or message in a manner that will remain in the reader's minds for longer, be the talking point and display professionalism and commitment in your business.

    Potential customers appreciate custom designed, creative, innovative signage - many times without even knowing it.

    A simple analogy can be drawn to a hotel with a run-down entrance, a budget sign on the front of the building, cracking paint, unkept get the image. Regardless of the high quality of service and amenities in the building, you probably wouldn't even consider entering it, right? And should you actually force yourself past that eyesore of an entrance, would you be proud to mention your stay at the hotel? Likely not.

    Would you recommend the place to anybody else? Most like no.

    A range of questions would enter your mind. What kind of service would I receive inside if the outside looks this bad? If this is their supposed face of the company, how bad must it be inside? What other corners are they cutting when it comes to servicing their patrons? The list of concerns grows ever longer the more you think of it.

    Samples | A small selection of our work.

    Listed below are a selected range of images showcasing our work across various mediums, but it is not an exhaustive list at all. For more samples of work please visit our "Portfolio - Mixed" page HERE. Or better still, why not come in and discuss your idea and let us surprise you with a proposal that will be hard to turn down!

    Our vehicle wrap portfolio can be found here: Portfolio - Vehicles